We work with both large and small companies in the EU and our services are always customized to meet your company needs.

Cosmetic product safety report:

We assemble and verify Part A (cosmetic product safety information) and carry out Part B (cosmetic product safety assessment). We always go into depth in our assessments by looking at the used raw materials; their composition, purity and suitability for the specific formulation. We work in close cooperation with our customers with the aim to create long lasting relations. To be able to create good safety assessments total transparency is the key and we therefore treasure customer trust very high. We start all of our cooperations with signing a secracy agreement.

Product information file (PIF):

We assemble whole PI-files, where we can perform the CPSR if desired. We can also audit and verify PI-files from your suppliers.

We offer courses in a variety of topics in the area of Cosmetics; EU Cosmetics Regulation, product safety, GMP and cosmetic chemistry. We tailor a course to suit your company. We do also lecture at the Swedish trade association, KTF.

We offer consultancy and assistance in topics such as regulatory issues/questions, selection/evaluation of subcontractor, consumer complaints handling, stability and efficacy studies (how and where), selection of raw materials an notifications to CPNP.

Learn more about what you might need help with on the EU Commission webpage: Health and consumers – cosmetics